January 4, 2022

Take Control of Plume with HomePass App & Alexa

Gateway Fiber’s affiliation with Plume opens a world of new features not typically found in standard wireless networks. The two main benefits of Plume are the unity of a mesh network and the instant, customizable control at your fingertips, thanks to the HomePass app. Let’s look at some of the best features Plume with HomePass offers you as part of your new home wi-fi.

Seamless wireless connectivity

Conventional wireless extenders often create dead zones and can struggle with handoffs from room to room as your wireless devices wander throughout the home. However, Plume’s mesh network builds a seamless web of wireless connectivity that lets your devices move around effortlessly with minimal chance of dropping the signal. Check here for a more detailed explanation of mesh network vs. old-school repeaters.

Mesh Network

All of this great technology can be managed through the HomePass app from wherever you are. So let’s dig deeper into the app, its functionality, and how easy it is to monitor and make changes to your new mesh network.

Threat alerts

Threats Detected

The Plume network automatically learns your habits and adjusts coverage areas and speeds accordingly when you’re online. It also helps with other key wireless features, such as password protection and guarding against cyber-attacks. If something tries to compromise your network, HomePass alerts you to the threat and assists you in stopping it before it gets out of hand, even if you aren’t home.

Motion detection

Motion Detected

Cyber threats aren’t the only potential hazards Plume and HomePass can detect. Thanks to the nature of mesh networks, you can turn any connected device into a motion detector that alerts you to movement inside your home. HomePass alerts to when something goes bump in the night.

Password controls

Change network passwords and give certain users temporary passwords, all from your phone. Need to give the babysitter her own password while she watches the kids? Create a separate profile just for her devices with a password that expires when you return home. Her password access can be limited to certain features such as the internet and smart TV but not the home security system.

Device Control

Device control

HomePass takes parental controls to a whole new level. In the old days, you had to log into the individual devices, download apps to each one, create accounts, and then hope your kids didn’t figure out how to disable your restrictions. Now, you can control everything remotely. Need to shut off Johnny’s access automatically because it’s close to bedtime? How about restricting Rachel’s screen time because she’s been chatting with her friends for, like, forever? Tap your screen and let HomePass magically disable their devices and connections. You can set up automatic controls or activate them manually, your choice.

Hey, Alexa!

Alexa Dot

Now that so many household devices are tied together through the Internet of Things, you can control many of them via HomePass. To make HomePass even easier to use, you can now enlist help from Alexa. Program her to help manage your network and connected smart devices through voice commands. It’s as simple as every other Alexa function: play music, turn on the lights, brew coffee, tell you a joke. (Seriously, Alexa will tell you a joke. Just ask.)


Just like setting up your Plume was easy – practically plug and play – starting up HomePass is just as easy, with step-by-step instructions that get you up and running in minutes. So take control of your Plume and connected devices. And rest easy, with insights into everything your network is doing no matter where you are.